Geico “Prisoner”

director: wayne mcclammy

agency: Martin Agency

Wayne Brings Home Cannes Gold… and Silver Too For Good Measure

Ricardo and Fabio’s CNA Spot Wins D&AD Pencils!

Carphone Warehouse “Super Mega Personal”

director: Chaplin & Forbes

agency: Brothers & Sisters

Robert Nylund’s Intersport Spot Makes Shots

Nanette’s Knorr Spot is After Your Heartstrings

At Cannes Chaplin & Forbes Prove STI’s Are For Winners!

Dave Laden’s Super Bowl Spot With Nick Offerman Is Glorious and Hilarious

FIFA “Zidane”

director: lenny dorfman

Lean Cuisine “Weigh This”

director: nanette burstein

agency: 360i

Lunchables “Hashtag”

director: wayne mcclammy

agency: McGarry Bowen

Trebor “Confessions”

director: taika waititi

agency: Wieden & Kennedy / London

“We Are Your Friends” Trailer

director: max joseph

YouTube “The Creators”

director: nanette burstein

agency: Anomaly

CCSP “The Fall and Rise of The Mole”

director: Carlão Busato

agency: Borghierh Lowe / São Paulo

Geico “Prisoner”

director: wayne mcclammy

agency: Martin Agency

Hungry Man Wins a Plethora of D&AD Pencils

Taco Bell “Sharing Sucks”

director: Dave Laden

agency: Deutsch / LA

KFC “Outraged Kids”

director: scott vincent

agency: Draft FCB / Chicago

Hungry Man Makes Cannes Short List Kind of a Lot

Kraft “Young At Heart”

director: hank perlman

agency: CP+B

Rocky, Napoleon Dynamite, and Team America Walk Into A Gymnastics Competition….

DirecTV Marionettes takes home a Pencil!

Chris Woods’ “Kids Read Mean Tweets” Scores Bronze at Cannes

The Mehedff Pedigree Brings Home Cannes Bronze

Volkswagen “Mom”

director: hank perlman

agency: deutsch

Starburst “Land of Intensity”

director: bryan buckley

agency: DDB / Chicago

Beautyrest “League of Super Heroes”

director: hank perlman

agency: KBS+

Call of Duty “KillCameraman”

director: wayne mcclammy

agency: 72 and Sunny

Jack Link’s “Beach Hole”

director: Dave Laden

agency: Mekanism

João Caetano Feyer Scores a Gold Lion at Cannes!

Solar City “Fish Tank Diet”

director: conor byrne

agency: Arnold / Boston

State Farm “Jake”

director: hank perlman

agency: BBDO

Conor Byrne Makes Triumphant Return to Cannes

Google “Jess Time”

director: nanette burstein

agency: BBH / New York

Turkish Airlines “Fly Africa”

director: richard bullock

agency: cp+b

David Kerr Joins Hungry Man and Wins an AICP Award