Nanette’s Knorr Spot is After Your Heartstrings

Pizza Hut “Villagers”

director: kinka usher

agency: Deutsch

State Farm “Trainers”

CCSP “The Fall and Rise of The Mole”

director: Carlão Busato

agency: Borghierh Lowe / São Paulo

Robert Nylund’s Intersport Spot Makes Shots

YouTube “The Creators”

director: nanette burstein

agency: Anomaly

Confidante “Sniffers”

Mix Brasil “Everyone’s Gay”

director: Amnesia

agency: Neogama BBH / São Paulo

AARP “Taxes”

director: ric cantor

agency: GMMB

Mastercard “Weekend Visit”

director: ric cantor

agency: McCann Erickson

Chris Woods Joins Hungry Man as His PSA Goes Viral

Starburst “Land of Intensity”

director: bryan buckley

agency: DDB / Chicago

Google “Jess Time”

director: nanette burstein

agency: BBH / New York

Nanette’s Knorr Spot is After Your Heartstrings

Richard Bullock is All Heart Against the All Blacks

Amazon “President Busey”

director: craig brownrigg

agency: Wong Doody

Kraft “Young At Heart”

director: hank perlman

agency: CP+B

Ricardo and Fabio’s CNA Spot Wins Clio and Black Star

KFC “Outraged Kids”

director: scott vincent

agency: Draft FCB / Chicago

Chevy “Laptop”

director: hernan bargman

agency: McCann Erickson / Argentina

Omega “Partnership”

director: richard bullock

agency: The Alpha Studio

Call of Duty “KillCameraman”

director: wayne mcclammy

agency: 72 and Sunny

Variety Raves About The Bronze

Playboy “Him”

director: Daniel Warwick

Dave Laden’s Super Bowl Spot With Nick Offerman Is Glorious and Hilarious

American Express “Back To School Efficiency”

director: bryan buckley

agency: Ogilvy & Mather “Love Cuts”

director: Daniel Warwick

agency: Jung Von Matt

Dairy Queen “Jarody”

director: scott vincent

agency: Barkley

Schneider Electric “Raccoon Dance Party”

director: jim hosking

agency: BETC Paris