Hungry Man has amassed yet another fortune to our roster of  directors this year with the signing of Swedish directors Robert Nylund and Axel Laubscher.

Robert Nylund- Director / Zombie?


Robert Nylund has over 8 years of experience as a director at Social Club in Stockholm, and has directed commercials around the world in Scandinavia, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Japan and the US. His work has garnered awards from several distinguished shows including Cannes, Spotlight, Klappe, NY festival, ADC, Prague International Festival, Epica, Eurobest and Cresta. At the heart of Robert’s work lies a subtle humor based around human experience and a love for both strong storytelling and  beautiful cinematography. At the heart of Robert’s work lies a subtle humour based around human experience and a love for both strong storytelling and uniquely beautiful cinematography.


Axel Laubscher is excited to join hungry man!


Axel Laubscher is an experienced director having worked in a number of countries, languages (of which he speaks four) and made both short films and commercials. He founded Swedish production company Social Club in 2002 and has won myriad awards from all around the world including a Cannes Golden Lion and Swedish Golden and Silver Eggs. A great storyteller with a unique sense of humour and love of working with actors, Axel’s films blend emotion, cinematography and memorable performances.

Recently Axel has worked on a project for BYGGMAKKER that followed the company’s history in film from the 1890s to the present day based on a variety of archived footage. Rather than shooting on digital and attempting to recreate the film look of different eras in post-production, Axel chose to film with the equipment of each era including crank-up cameras, 16mm, 35mm, reversal, positive and VHS. The project is a perfect example of the unique diversity and experience that Axel brings to all of his work.