Following on the heels of  last year’s hilarious and life saving promo for the British Heart Foundation’s “No Kissing” campaign, directors Steve Bendelack and James Gooding each took their turn with a continuation spot for the foundation.

Steve Bendelack directs MINNIE VINNIE, starring a what do you know.. Mini Vinnie Jones teaching youths the proper  procedure and etiquette (“NO KISSING”) of hands only CPR.

James Gooding directs ALAN’S TESTIMONIAL, where an actual survivor of cardiac arrest speaks out about how his life was saved after friends remembered the Vinnie Jones advert and performed CPR on him to the beat of “Stayin Alive.”

Since the launch of last year’s campaign, 28 saved lives have been attributed to CPR techniques taught by Vinnie Jones.  With these two new spots I’m sure the number of  saved lives will go up…as well as the sales of camel trench coats and black turtlenecks.

The Reel and BBC have already begun showcasing these hilarious and life saving spots. Click here to see the original version from hungry man director Wayne McClammy.


Steve Bendelack directs “Minnie Vinnie” and his posse for BHF


James Gooding directs “Alan’s Testimonial” for BHF