(Niemeyer in his office on Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro with one of the cities curves in the bg.)

Although he is worldly known for ‘making’ Brasilia (Brazil’s Capitol) with its curves and shapes back in 1959, Oscar lived most of his life in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   Rio de Janeiro is also where Hungry Man opened its first Brazilian Office, in mid-2005.

Oscar Niemeyer, born 1907, became ill recently and passed away Dec 05, 2012.  Oscar often described his ‘curves’ in his drawings “it’s what I see in women”, literally transferring them into his concrete designs, material he chose to create his aesthetic revolution in architecture.

It is common to recognize the spirit of Rio de Janeiro in his creations.  It is even more common to recognize the cities greatness and its horizons of pure nature when observing either north, south, east or west when you are in Rio de Janeiro.

We, Hungry Man, with Brazilian spirit and soul, honor him for the brilliance he brought to life and creations he left behind in his lifetime through his works standing throughout the world.

An inspiration to all of us, story tellers.

A “Great” has come and gone.  Leaving behind a visual opportunity to shine through your own vision.

Note: Hungry Man Director and Founder, Bryan Buckley, shot for the first time in Rio almost 10 years ago, in 2003.  And on his first project, for Diageo’s Archer’s Acqua and Mother London, chose to shoot one of the ‘stunt’ scenes on an Oscar Niemeyer creation.

Rest well Oscar.