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Rory McIlroy has grabbed the golf world by the lapels and shaken into submission over the last couple of years. The young Irishman began delivering on the enormous promise he’d shown as a teenager by winning two majors and playing a major part in Europe’s extraordinary Ryder Cup win in September.

Nike have long coveted his charisma and must have been thrilled to secure his services as a brand ambassador but his first commercial for the sportswear giant sends a firm signal that they have no intention of using him to replace Tiger Woods.

Instead, the pair get a chance to see if they work well together… and do they ever.

Hungryman’s Wayne McClammy has drawn sublime performances from both men – no mean task in the case of Woods who is as prickly as ever in press interviews despite showing signs of humility in the aftermath of the shit storm that engulfed him when he was exposed as a serial adulterer.

With a bit of luck, this signals the start of a renewed effort by Nike to capitalise on the personalities of the young men and women they pay to use their gear – it’s something they used to do brilliantly and this commercial proves they’re capable of doing it again.