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DFA. What an acronym!  Once believed to have stood for “Dumb F**king Acronym” ,  “Death From Above” DFA is the epitome of  the “disco punk” record label company. Founded by none other than the infamous LCD Sound System‘s frontman James Murphy, director Max Joseph collaborates with Red Bull Music Academy to go behind the scenes of the 2000’s electro punk band’s transition( sort of)  into one of today’s most eclectic and successful record companies. Besides having some ill tastic beats that can have you nostalgic for the 2000s dance scene that you may or may not have been a part of, this fun documentary takes it back to the past and rocks it into the present in a seamless and fun 13 minute clip commemorating DFA’s 12th year anniversary.

Let’s just say I’ve got a newly found respect for LCD Sound System and am currently “dancing myself clean” right now.

Check out Max’s video here. Written, directed and shot by Max Joseph. What doesn’t he do?! In case you’d like to learn a little more about becoming a viral video director, here is an interview with Max and his 11 tips to virality. NOT virility.