Director Gualter Pupo teamed up with JWT Brazil to shoot a short mini documentary for the heartwarming new approaches AC Camargo Hospital is taking for their pediatric Oncology department. The hospital has taken a unique approach to treating the young patients stricken with Cancer. JWT Creatives Hernan Rebalderia and Santiago Dulce reached out to Gualter about the concept of a “SuperFormula” box. The idea was to cover conventional IV and medicinal treatments with packaging resembling that of famous superheros like; The Green Lantern, Superman, WonderWoman and Batman to make the process less scary for children.  A series of comics were also created alongside the boxes in which the superheros went through similar treatments like that of the children to become stronger and more powerful. Gualter said, “The super formula box is an injection of hope, energy for the kids.”


The shooting process consisted of Gualter and the production team visiting the hospital three times. They went on to shoot in the factory where the “Superboxes” were made and to the animation studio Vetro Zero where the comics were designed. In order to bring the interviews to life, Gualter  filmed the doctors outside of the hospital. Gualter and the team will return in six months to  check the results and thoughts from the doctors, nurses and children. The spot has already been picking up a ton of press everywhere and was featured in Creativity as Pick of the Day.