If only the men from “Sex and the City” had learned a lesson or two on how to appeal to women from Mcdonald’s.

Men of the world, maybe it’s time you take a lesson from Mcdonald’s book of impressing the ladies. It seems like there’s some tough competition for you guys out there and it’s not just your 6 foot 2 chiseled French neighbor with the adorable puppy dog. Carlão Busato directs this hilariously wacky and fun spot for Mcdonald’s in collaboration with PPM Films Vienna and DDB Tribal. Shot for the European Market, director Carlão Busato takes the the latest Mcdonald’s ad down a quirky road in what may be quite possibly, the most creative attempt to make Mcdonald’s more appealing to women. Sprinkled with guest appearances from clones, piano love melodies and a man on a singular carousel horse, we HAD to ask Carlão to describe the creative process a little below.

Carlão Busato:
“The creative process overall, was pretty intense and full of freedom. After my treatment was done, which included a much more intense and radical craziness than originally written in the scripts, we got together with the agency to finalize the scripts.
But for me, the greatest thing that happened was that the carousel horse came up from a limitation we had. The original idea was to have a real horse in the film, but of course, McDonalds didn’t allow us to have it inside, so I thought: let’s have a fake horse, a cheesy horse made of fiber. Everybody loved the idea and we had that amazing carousel horse moving towards the girls. 
Regarding the explosions by the end… well, each time that I have the opportunity I try to have explosions… and zombies”