“Gretchen, Stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s NOT going to happen.”

Everyone knows the iconic quote from the 2004 classic, “Mean Girls”. Unfortunately for Gretchen, “Fetch” never really caught on in the movie. Well, ladies and gents, it’s 2013 and it seems our good friends at Optimum are bringing out the newest slang for all to use. Today, they  unveiled their latest ad campaign directed by our very own Taika Waititi. Developed out of the quirky folks at Mother NY, the latest ad features Optimum’s newest effort in characterizing their telephone number. Out the door goes Micheal Bolton, and in strolls the newest craze to hit the airwaves, “MID-WULS”. It’s supposed to describe the incredible feeling you get when you finally get Optimum. It’s a great commercial…I mean, MID WULS commercial! The spot has already been picked up on Creativity, 

Go forth friends and make MID WULS happen!!!