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Director Jim Hosking’s newest music video for the band Moones called “Universal Remote Control”.

Written and directed by Jim Hosking, the music video first came into fruition after Moones singer Ollie Kristian contacted him. Known for his quirky and eclectic style, commercial director Jim Hosking’s resume boasts some especially unique commercials including, “V Energy”, “Sierra Mist” and “Comcast“. A major difference between shooting commercials and the music video, was the freedom in the creative process. Jim says of Ollie, “He gave me carte blanche to come up with anything I wanted. The band didn’t need to appear in the video… We had £5000 and the idea was to make something truly idiosyncratic to create a bit of impact. But then again, I don’t know how to do that. I just know how to make stuff I like, and then if I follow my gut hopefully I’ll make something that some other people will like too.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 5.03.07 PMOn the Creative Process:

“I wrote a treatment featuring three actor friends of mine.. I sent it to Ollie and he pushed the idea further and he made it even more eccentric than it was already.” The video opens on a fisherman returning home to have dinner with his older counterpart. What follows is a series of unpredictable events ranging from fish and whipped cream and an octopus chase scene. “I really felt with this it was liberating to work with a lot of younger crew, get new ideas, a different feel, just go with the flow of it. I used Nick Gillespie DP who has been 2nd unit on all of Ben Wheatley’s films. We decided to shoot the whole film on a 50mm lens. It’s the closest to a human eye and it’s what Robert Bresson used for his films. Good enough for me, good enough for him.”
That’s right Jim. And for those of you desperately wondering, yes, the actors did indeed eat the fish with the whipped cream.
Watch the full music video by clicking here or the pictures above.