Or they just love the Manning family. We can’t blame ’em for either.

Bryan Buckley’s latest spot for DirecTV, “Football On Your Phone” is blowing up the internet [figuratively]. In less than 24 hours it has garnered over 2 MILLION views on youtube and has been talked about by seemingly every news organization on planet earth, including:

USA Today
The Wall Street Journal
Sports Illustrated
Huffington Post
E Online
ABC News
CBS Sports
Daily Mail
Media Bistro
Bleacher Report

Okay, so maybe not every outlet on Earth, but every news outlet in the Western Hemisphere. We know you may not have time to read all of these articles so we’ll go ahead and sum it all up for you herein:

People f-ing love “Football On Your Phone.”

We can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. For the two of you in the world who haven’t seen this spot yet, give it a watch. You’ll be pleased (as well as humming the song to yourself for the rest of the day).