Hungry Man Brazil is one of three production companies to be nominated for the Caboré Award, the most coveted of awards in the Brazilian market. Established by Meio & Mensagem in 1980, every production company and ad agency in the country vie for nominations annually in any one of Caboré’s thirteen categories. This year, Hungry Man Brazil has the honor of being nominated for the cream of the proverbial crop; Best Advertising Production.

This is all old hat to our South American brethren, though, as they have been nominated for this honor once before in 2008, which was none too shabby when you take into account the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offices were formed a mere three years earlier in 2005 under the leadership of Alex Mehedff, Bryan Buckley and Gualter Pupo. Since 2005 HM Brazil has garnered over 35 awards (including 18 Cannes Lions) and have even branched off from solely doing to commercials. HM Brazil has started a new and exciting arm of the company that they have dubbed Hungry Man Projects. Hungry Man Projects deals in online content, television, and cinema.

As busy as they are, though, our São Paulo and Rio offices still manage to create amazing commercials year after year, and it comes as no great surprise that they should be honored at the 34th annual Caboré Awards.

Congratulations to everyone in our São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offices. You make all of us here at Hungry Man — from London to LA — very, very proud.