That’s right. With barely one month left in the year AdWeek has declared the Top 20 Viral Ads of 2013, and though there are 20 entires you need look no further than number 2. Wayne McClammy’s Geico “Hump Day” spot gets the silver medal this year. I would say “for those of you who haven’t seen it,” but this pretty much proves that if you’re reading these words right now you’ve seen this video. Indeed, it’s nearly impossible to hear the words “hump day” anymore without shouting at the top of one’s lungs, “HUMP DaaAAAY!” Just ask the students of Vernon Center Middle School.

So congratulations go to Mr. McClammy for once again creating one of those rare breeds of commercials that transcends commerce itself and finds its way into the national zeitgeist. You know if you can beat a dancing baby you’ve got something real special on your hands.