Now we know how Harry Nilsson felt.

Taika’s latest campaign for Carlton Dry beer has all of the big Ad outlets talking:

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They all love Taika’s #HelloBeer spots and, at the risk of sounding gauche, we do too. The spots feature a bunch of flatmates (roommates to us yanks) doing what flatmates around the world (or roommates around the world) wish they had the wherewithal to do. Homemade sumo suits, giant arms, paper mache Air Jordan legs, and — of course — upside-down dancing. If you’re a twenty-something dude out there and you say you haven’t ever considered steaming your hot dogs in your dishwasher (for those twenty-something dudes with a dishwasher) you are a dirty rotten liar.

Anyways, check out the spots and check out what these websites say about Taika and his flatmates (… oh, you know).