Remember Wayne’s award winning spot “Vinnie” for the British Heart Foundation? The good people at Lego sure do. In honor of their new film coming soon to theaters in the UK, they’ve decided to re-do some of the most popular advertisements in England with Legos. Whose is up first? Why Wayne McClammy’s “Vinnie” spot, of course.

You can check it out here.

I don’t know if having one’s commercials reinterpreted by Legos is a badge of honor in your circles, but here at Hungry Man we say good on ya, Wayne! This one’s even better than the Mego version of “Hump Day.”

Author’s Note: That last part was a joke. Do not spend your day scouring YouTube for a version of “Hump Day” performed by Mego dolls. Such a video does not exist….. yet….