If you live in the greater Chicago area you may have noticed a familiar commercial during your Super Bowl broadcast last week. Dave Laden’s Trolli spot, “Gummi Dog” aired during the venerable footballing event thus prompting many Chicagoans to utter a, “What the hell was that?” Which is exactly the reaction Trolli’s weirdly awesome campaign is going for. As the Chicago Sun and/or Times puts it, “The droll commercial for Sour Brite Crawlers… has a heavy “Napoleon Dynamite” vibe… The message here — and no offense, red heads — is that weirdness can be awesome.” We agree, weirdness can be awesome and delicious.

To check out the Sun/Time’s article on Dave’s Super Bowl work click here.

Congrats to Dave for having a spot in The Bowl and keep up the weirdly awesome work!