It’s Wednesday. Hank Perlman’s newest spot for Amazon, “Gary Busey,” has just hit the internet and it’s already begin talked about by Creativity Online and Mediaite. It’s been up for mere hours and already people are showing their love for the Tour De Force team that is Perlman/Busey. So compelling is this new development that it forces us here at Hungry Man to make this bold, declarative statement:

Many people are going to be talking about this spot for days to come.

I know. Outrageous. Overly-self-assured. Other such “O” adjectives. But the statement stands. So confident are we that news outlets will be talking about The Buse (he let’s me call him The Buse. We’re buddies now) for days to come that we’re going to go ahead and throw up a heading for every day this week and whenever an outlet mentions Misters Perlman and Busey’s Amazon spot we’ll throw their name under that day’s respective column. That’s right, like Baby Ruthie herself, we are pointing our bat at the outfield and calling our shot.

So come back to this post throughout the week to see just who’s talkin’ ’bout our boys.

Creativity Online

The Examiner

Washington Post
Business Insider