Channing Tatum, Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman. These guys don’t stand a chance against Taika Waititi. This week Taika’s latest film What We Do In The Shadows (trailer above) scored the number one spot at the New Zealand box office, raking in over $750,000. Now, I know it would be rash to make sweeping declarations like Taika Waititi is the most beloved figure in New Zealand since Sir Edmund Hillary, or everyone in New Zealand finds Taika funnier than Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, or Adam Sandler and the statistics support that, or that Taika Waititi is an unstoppable force the likes of which New Zealand hasn’t seen since Sauron sat atop his hill….

… it would be rash to make those declarations, I guess.

Anyways, What We Do in the Shadows will be released in the United States this fall, so keep your eyes open for that one. The movie is so big it is single handedly pushing New Zealand’s economy past that of China and the UK…. or so I hear.