Well, I said on Friday that Wayne’s Madden spot with Dave Franco and Kevin Hart was about to take over and you guys did not make a liar out of me. A lot of you watched this weekend. Roughly 4 million of you, to be vaguely exact. I guess you’re interested, so, given that, I reckon I’ll fill you in on just a smattering of the news outlets talking about “Madden Season” today. We’re impressed because it’s not all ad sites, it’s not all sports sites. It’s quite a diverse group we have here. Check it out:

Fox Sports

E! online

Hollywood Life

Hype Beast

High Snobiety

It’s also Ad Critic’s Pick of the Day. So, ya know, there’s that.

And it’s only 9am (pst). So, if you’re the fourteen people in America who haven’t already watched this spot, you can do so above. And if you have already watched it… well… you know the drill… WATCH IT AGAIN!