If you drove down Wilshire Boulevard very early Tuesday morning you may have seen people camping out on the sidewalks around 12th street. This sight is nothing new here in Southern California. You probably figured Taylor Swift was making an appearance, or perhaps those One Direction children. But as you get closer to the store, something catches your eye. They focus on a vaguely familiar orange and pink sign from your childhood back east (yes, I’m making the pretty safe assumption that if you’re in LA you’re not from LA) and upon seeing the glowing emblem of this delicious bastion of morning invigoration, you utter to yourself a quiet and wistful, “Is that a Dunkin Donuts?”

The answer is yes, Angelenos! We now have ourselves a Dunkin Donuts, and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Craig Brownrigg has just finished his latest round of Dunkin spots complete with Easy E himself, Mr. Eli Manning.*

Check out the spots above and if you happen to find yourself around 12th and Wilshire from now on you can stop in and grab yourself a nice hot cup’a’Dunkin’joe.

*Note: We acknowledge that Eli Manning is not the original Easy E and we further suggest all of you pour some out for the original Eazy’s birthday next week.