As we approach our second week of the NFL season we’d like to recommend a fun way to enjoy this great American pastime even more. We realize the commercials are everybody’s least favorite part of the NFL weekend — we’ve come to terms with it, it’s okay — so we here at Hungry Man would like to suggest a way you can enjoy the sponsor’s breaks just as much as the game itself.

It’s the Hungry Man drinking game.

Here’s how it works: Every time you see a Hungry Man commercial you take a drink from your beverage*. It’s that easy and it’ll happen way more often than you think. Why, last weekend alone we had Bryan’s Miller Lite spots as well as both Hank’s Hans and Franz State Farm spot and his AT&T Gordon Ramsey commercial all over the ball games. Shit, we even saw them play a clip from Football On Your Phone during the Broncos pre-game.

So this weekend keep yourself busy during the commercial breaks by keeping your eyes peeled for the best Hungry Man Inc has to offer and whenever they cut to commercial get your drinking hand ready*. Oh, and feel free to mumble and grumble every time it’s not a Hungry Man Spot. We sure do.


Note: Hungry Man Productions does not endorse alcoholic drinking games of any nature. We only encourage you to play this drinking game with non-alcoholic beverages like grape drink, or Gatorade, or a nice tall glass of Yoo-Hoo. But please drink your Yoo-Hoo responsibly. As my Dad always used to tell me, “Don’t be an idiot.”