Major congratulations are in order for Mr. João Caetano Feyer. Two — count ‘em, 2 — of his Bomnegocio.com commercials were in the Top 10 Most Viewed Commercials on YouTube in Brazil last month. For those of you who don’t sprechen zie the local lingity, Bomnegocio.com is Brazil’s version of Ebay. So to sum up, a Hungry Man director is 1/5 of the most viewed YouTube commercials in all of Brazil right now. Not. Too. Shabby.

You can check out the most popular of his Bomnegocio spots above and if you happen to be in Brazil and pass João on the street be sure to sing, “A cada 1 minuto, 4 coisas vendem,” at him. If you don’t speak Portuguese just watch the commercial. You’ll get it.