Richard Bullock is back with all new work from Asics. And this time it’s all about Rugby.

Now I know a lot of my fellow Yanks out there don’t have a clue how rugby is played — personally one of my favorite pastimes is going to a sports bar, finding the one TV playing Rugby, and trying to guess the rules as the game is played out before me — but there’s one thing that’s universally understood whether you’re talking about rugby, football, futbal, or hockey, and that is heart. In these Asics spots Bullock conveys the heart this sport takes in such a clear and evocative manner that it transcends country lines and favorite national pastimes. I still don’t understand how the game is played, but damn it if I don’t respect the men that play it and those that stand behind the men that play it (not just because they could kick my ass ten times over).

So give Mr. Bullock’s latest Asics commercials a watch and to all the Americans reading this, the next time you find yourself in a sports bar find the one TV playing rugby and give it a watch. I promise you won’t be sorry.