Anybody lucky enough to go to this years Toronto International Film Festival? I meant to go but it’s not hockey season yet and why would someone go to Canada when it’s not hockey season? That’s like visiting New England at a time when there’s no browning foliage to look at. Anyways, if you were at TIFF you probably heard even more buzz about Taika Waititi’s new feature film, What We Do In The Shadows. If, like me, you weren’t one of these lucky festival-goers, don’t worry, Fast Company has you covered. They just published an interview with co-director Jemaine Clement and co-star Stu Rutherford that really gives some nice spoiler-free insight to this vampire mockumentary.

And to all North Americans who couldn’t make their way to TIFF, fret not, What We Do In The Shadows will make its theatrical release on this continent soon. Very soon. Keep you eyes peeled. And in the meantime read Fast Company’s article here and watch the trailer above every hour on the hour. I have been, and it’s not affecting my work in the least [insert text here].