You guys, this is serious so listen up. With tomorrow being the first day of October and thus Halloween season is officially upon us we want to warn you about a rampant problem that’s decimating the number of teenagers and twenty-somethings we have in this country. That problem is Homicidal Maniacs.

As Wayne McClammy shows in his newest spot for Geico, we are not teaching our children the proper way to run from homicidal maniacs, and as such they’re dying in droves. This problem has become so prevalent that even AdWeek and AdCritic have stepped in to speak out about it.

There’s a very simply solution, however. Just teach your children The Rules. Kevin Williamson didn’t go through all that trouble to write Scream just so you’d not know what to do when a psycho killer [qu’est-ce que c’est] is after you.

Be sure to check out Wayne’s Geico spot above to see what you should NOT do.