We here at Hungry Man understand that sometimes hearing about the same spots winning awards over and over and over again can get tedious. We do. We understand and we sympathize. That’s why we’re not going to go into the fact that Ricardo Mehedff and Fabio Pinheiro’s spot “Speaking Exchange” for CNA took home more awards this week at the El Ojo advertising festival in Buenos Aries. We’re not gonna talk about it. There’s absolutely no reason to tell you the categories in which they won because it would just look like a stupidly long list of awards won, like this:

Grand Prix Direct – Best Fidelity Action and Brand Engagement (Agency)
GOLD – Branded content (Hungry Man)
GOLD – Best Integrated Production (Hungry Man)
SILVER – Best Direction – Non Conventional Format (Hungry Man)
SILVER – Internet Commercials (Hungry Man)

Like, who wants to look at that laundry list of accomplishments? Nobody. Because at this point after the Cannes and Clios we know you’re tired of hearing about how AMAZING this spot is and how many people LOVE it. That’s why we’re simply going to post the spot itself above and ask you to give it a watch. It’s a lovely little piece that a lot people seem to dig.