Statistically most of us in the working world rock the clock punching lives of the 9 to 5er, the group of pencil pushers that invented both hours “rush” and “happy.” There’s a smaller collective of people, though, who took jobs that have them work less conventional hours and, indeed, less conventional days. Fire fighters, police officers, nurses, gas station attendants. People who provide services that you and I may not use daily, in fact, some of these professionals you hope never to need, but you’re astoundingly grateful they’re on the clock when you do. Even on days like Christmas.

Well, this year Gualter Pupo and Electrolux decided it was time to give back to these long taken-for-granted occupations. These honorable men and women who work on holidays, who work on birthdays, who work always to ensure our happiness and our safety.

Gualter and Electrolux said it in the spot above, but the rest of us give thanks for all men and women who can’t be with their families during the holidays because they’re busy making sure we can be with ours. Thank you.