If you didn’t hum some Sondheim tunes beneath that title you shame me.

But I didn’t come here to talk 1960’s showtunes, I’m here to talk SUNDANCE! Bryan Buckley’s feature film debut gets its world premiere tonight as Sundance Film Festival’s Opening Night Film!

No pressure, right?

Good news is, people are already talking about how much they want to see The Bronze. USA Today posted the article above just this morning. Variety had The Bronze on their “Sundance Buzz Titles” list. Indiewire is urging non-attendees to stream Bryan and Melissa’s panels live. New York Daily News is asking aloud whether The Bronze will follow in Whiplash’s footsteps and end up an Oscar contender. E Online has The Bronze on its Sundance 2015 Buzz Films list. Rolling Stone spoke about The Bronze in a way only Rolling Stone could, “Finally, fans of Olympic gymnastics get the reverse All About Eve they deserve!”

And it’s, of course, a huge deal that The Bronze is opening the festival. As The Hollywood Reporter’s John Cooper tells it, “Opening night, you want something that’s going to feel exciting and engaging. The Bronze, which is a very broad comedy, does that, but in a way that is very different than Whiplash. Comedies have been bubbling up for a while. Comedians are such good observers of human nature, good at telling us why we are who we are.” Buzzfeed agrees saying this raunchy comedy, “… is as far from Whiplash as you can get” and then they went and put it on their Most Highly Anticipated Films At The 2015 Sundance Film Festival list.

So, I suppose what I’m really getting at here is GO SEE THE BRONZE AT SUNDANCE!