You ever find yourself skulking through a level of Call of Duty only to be fragged moments later by some 9 year old in Poughkeepsie with a potty mouth? And the kid just adds literal insult to injury by trash talking you as the Kill Cam shows you how you died?

You ever stop to think who’s holding the Kill Cam while that pre-pubescent is calling you a “noob-queer”?

Wayne McClammy and the good people at Call of Duty have an answer for you and AdWeek must’ve enjoyed it because it was their Pick of the Day on Friday. And they wrote an extensive piece on it today. AND Shots wrote a piece on it as well. AND Fast Co Create and Shoot Online featured it today also… so… like… yeah. Everybody loves it. Be sure to check it out above and/or at any of these sites, and congratulations Mr. McClammy for finally shedding light on an area of gamer life heretofore unknown.