With all of the excitement, the ballyhoo, the hullabaloo if you will, surrounding The Bronze this past week, we have been recommending everyone go see Bryan Buckley’s new film as it makes its Sundance debut, but in doing so we have been remiss. We have ignored all of those people who can’t go to Sundance. Those who can’t afford to fly to Utah, or those who have to be home with the kids, or those who are told, “You can’t come to Sundance because we need you at your desk writing Facebook posts about all of the cool things the rest of us are going to do while we show The Bronze off at Sundance…”

… just for example.

Well, good news, folks. It’s the 21st Century! If you can’t go to the Sundance, the Sundance will go to you streaming live via the internets. We Live Film Festivals has posted the [then] live Opening Night Q&A from the initial screening of The Bronze. You can watch it right HERE. Click on it. Watch it. Throw on your thickest parka and pretend you’re on the side of a beautiful mountain having just seen the funniest comedy you’ll watch all year. I assure you, with this crew it is all laughs.