Pop on some Al Green ‘cause this blog post is about to get sexy.

It’s been five days since Bryan Buckley’s film The Bronze opened the Sundance Film Festival and while many people are abuzz about the film’s humor and its actors, several news outlets have chosen to highlight one of the film’s more untoward scenes…

I’m talking, of course, about sex.

That’s right. On top of the laughs, on top of the gymnastics, on top of the incomparable Melissa Rauch splitting our sides for one hour and fifteen minutes, there is a sex scene between gymnasts. I don’t want to tell you anymore than that mostly because I don’t think you need anymore than that but we can assure you it’s something to behold. And don’t take our word for it, USA Today, MTV, Entertainment Weekly, they’re all talking about the sex. You’re welcome America. I’m sorry Mom.