We here at Hungry Man fully acknowledge that not everyone reading this post will be a NASCAR fan. We have followers all around the world so it’s natural to assume that not every one of you is going to enjoy NASCAR or even know what it is. After you watch Dave Laden’s new Super Bowl spot, though, we expect all of that to change.

You’re all gonna be tearin’ down the road pretending you’re Jeff Gordon. You’ll get under the hood of the family SUV to see if you can’t get that puppy up to her top RPMs. You will most certainly paint a giant number three on the top of your beautiful white pick-up truck in honor of the late great Dale Earnhardt Sr. (never forget). We assure you this will happen because no one, and I mean NO ONE, can resist when Dave Laden teams up with Captain America himself… no, not Chris Evans.

Nick G.D. Offerman!

Don’t take our word for it, though. Take USA Today’s word for it when they call the spot “hilarious” or AdWeek when they call it “glorious” and “pure awesome.”

Give the commercial a watch but be warned it may cause excessive need to go fast.