Just the other day I was trying to explain to my grandmother that people are getting famous now all thanks to their YouTube channels. She said, “Is that a channel on TV? You know I don’t get cable.” So I said, “It’s TV on the internet.” And she said, “You watch it on your TV?” And I said, “No, you watch it on the internet.” And then she said, “Well then why are we watching it on your TV?” I said, “Because I have a device that streams the internet to my television to make viewing YouTube videos that much easier.” There was a long pause and then she asked, “So they’re on the TV?” And I said, “Yes, Nana, they’re on the damn TV.” And she said, “Don’t take that tone with me!” And Sunday high tea was officially ruined.

The really sad thing is I went through all of that when really all I had to do is show her Nanette Burstien’s new full length feature documentary “The Creators” for YouTube. Granted, the doc itself won’t hit the net till March but the trailer is up now and it’s already getting a ton of press. Marketing Magazine in the UK featured it on its website while The Sunday Times actually featured it in its style section this week. Pretty impressive considering the film is still one month away.

Regardless, check out the trailer above and keep your eyes peeled for more news to come about YouTube’s “The Creators” documentary.