Hungry Man would like to take a moment to say goodbye to an incredible actor, comedian, and friend. On Tuesday Windell Middlebrooks passed away. We have worked with Windell many times over the years. The man was a tremendous talent but even more so he was a tremendous person who could bring a smile to your face even after an eighteen hour exterior night shoot. This loss is truly a tragedy and our hearts go out to his family.

The one piece of solace we can provide in these distressing times is that Windell most certainly left this world a better place than when he arrived here. He made millions of people laugh and you do not weep for a man like that. You celebrate him. So today we celebrate Windell Middlebrooks. We’ll miss ya, buddy, and we count ourselves among the lucky ones who got to know you.

Above is just a smattering of the times Windell made us laugh.