Man. We haven’t seen this much crying over potatoes since Signs.

Just released today, Agency Spy and Fast Co Create are already loving Nanette’s newest spot for Knorr. Having worked on shows like New Girl and Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 Nanette has proven that she can make us laugh, but it’s with spots like this where she reminds us that her bread and butter (pun totally intended) is in making us cry. The good kind of cry, too. Not like those damn Sarah McLachlan dog commercials. Nanette knows just how to tap into our nostalgia nerve and get the exact emotional response she’s looking for from us and this commercial is a prime example of that.

I could continue to gild the lily but I think I will just let the spot speak for itself. It’s somewhat NSFW in that you wouldn’t want Robin from H.R. making fun of you for sobbing silently at your desk.