That’s neither hyperbole nor is it creative exaggeration. Knorr has posted Nanette’s spot, “Flavor of Home” in eleven different languages and when you add up all of those views from around the world we get a nice round 53 million people who have watched Nanette’s spot. And that’s a conservative guesstimate. Given the heart-warming nature of the film we know on the Easter and/or Passover holidays there were many mothers who pulled their visiting children over to the family desktop saying, “You have to watch this video! You see how that daughter APPRECIATES HER MOTHER’S COOKING???”

… I’m not saying that happened to me. I’m just saying.

Anyways, major congratulations goes out to Nanette and her crew for making a commercial that smashes through language barriers and cultural divides and truly encapsulates what really makes home feel like home to citizens the world round… Food.