Guess who’s back?

If you guessed Slim Shady you would be mistaken. This is even better… It’s the CONEHEADS.

Anybody born post 1990 just go watch a YouTube video of a cat for a second while the rest of us reminisce up some sweet ass nostalgia. This week Hank Perlman brings Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtain back in [arguably] their most popular Saturday Night Live characters, Beldar and Prymatt Conehead. A new take on State Farm’s previously popular “Jake From State Farm” commercials, this new spot brings the beer-guzzling, driver’s ed teaching, Remulak natives to the 24 hour call center where Jake is always there to take your call. I think we all can agree we’re happy Beldar and Prymatt haven’t quite assimilated into American culture yet… But they’re getting there. AdWeek’s already showing the spot some love and we guarantee they won’t be the last.