Huge news out of Hungry Man’s Brazil office! Revenge Therapy, produced by Hungry Man and directed by Marcos Bernstein will be showing at this year’s 2015 Cannes Film Festival under the Brazil Focus section. Revenge Therapy is the story of Carlos, a 35 year old lawyer whose son is shot during a fake blitz and falls into a coma. Desperate and powerless to see nothing is being done to catch those responsible for the crime, Carlos decides to take matters into his own hand, vigilante style!… I added the “vigilante style.” Sorry. I get amped up about this flick.

If you’re going to be in Cannes this year go check out this picture. I assure you, what I’ve described above is just the tip of the homicidal iceberg. I didn’t even tell you about his therapist, the suicide, or any of that other stuff. I really don’t care much for spoilers.

If you’re not going to be in Cannes any time soon, fret not, I’m sure this will be on Netflix soon. Everything is. My own home videos are on Netflix right now. Don’t know how they got there. But they’re there. “My Trip To Ireland, 2008.” Look it up.