Remember when Wayne McClammy’s “Madden Season” got over 34 million views on all of the internets? Did you think that was the best it was ever gonna get? Well we didn’t!

Apparently Kevin Hart and Dave Franco kill it in France as well as the U.S. because “Madden Season” just brought home Gold and Silver from Cannes. The winning categories are as follows:

Gold – Branded Entertainment: Original Use of Music

Silver – Branded Entertainment Fiction: Online (15 Minutes or Under)

I’m glad it won gold in music because I’ve had that damn song stuck in my head for a year. It’s embarrassing singing about slapping my friends’ faces as they kick my ass in the actual game. I know I shouldn’t pick the Panthers every time but Cam Newton is so damn charming!

Anyways, congrats to Wayne and the whole Madden team for LITERALLY bringing home the gold! Well done, guys.