Wayne Boldly Go

Getting the week started with a bang, AdWeek compiled a list of the 10 Commercial Directors Making Today’s Coolest, Strangest and Loveliest Ads. Length of the title and lack of Oxford comma notwithstanding we are absolutely thrilled to see our very own Wayne McClammy make the list. Among the adulation thrown Wayne’s way they called his recent Call of Duty spot, Killcameraman, a “perfectly twisted paean to the fictional workhorse of gory instant replays.” You can tell it’s a hell of a compliment because we had to look up what “paean” meant (noun: a song of praise or triumph. A thing that expresses enthusiastic praise).

We are incredibly proud of Wayne and though we find him cool, strange, and lovely every day it’s vindicating to know someone else finds him that way as well.

Congrats to Wayne and thanks to AdWeek!