More praise for João Caetano Feyer’s spot “Everyone is Gay” for Mix Brasil. This week it’s in the number one spot on WeLoveAd.com’s Top 10 Weekly Most Viewed list. If you haven’t seen this spot yet… well… then you’ve just been ignoring me for the past three months because not only have we here at Hungry Man been raving about “Everyone is Gay” but it also took home one of them Gold Lions from Cannes. But that’s okay. We understand. It’s Summer vacation. Parents have their kids’ soccer camps and swimming lessons keeping them busy and single childless people have their EDM clubs to go to (It’s EDM, right? That’s what Max Joseph’s been going on about? EDM?).

Anywho, we understand you’ve been busy but it’s August now. Time to get caught up with what we’ve been doing on our Summer vacation and for Hungry Man this Summer has been nothing but gay!