Solar City has a new mascot and, spoiler alert, it’s a scantily clad muscleman with the face of an eagle. That’s right, America’s number one full-service solar provider has teamed up with Arnold Worldwide and the Egyptian Sun God, Ra, to re-brand the company as a team with serious clean energy goals backed up by a blazing sense of humor.

The new campaign features the fowl-faced sun celestial helping out around the house. Vacuuming, trimming the hedges, holding your reading lamps, whatever you could need help with Ra is there to lend you the infinite power of the sun to work and save, because, at the end of the day, that’s what Solar City is all about.

To bring this environmentally supportive deity to life Arnold turned to Hungry Man’s Conor Byrne, a Cannes Young Director Award winner and two-time 2015 Cannes Lion recipient. Conor’s ability to ground the fantastical in every day settings was a perfect fit for the supernaturally routine world Arnold and Solar City were attempting to construct.