Jurassic World.

Avengers 2.

Star Wars VII.

When critics look back at the end of the year and ask themselves what the greatest sequel of 2015 was, their response will be none of these…. Their answer will be a quiet, simple, contemplative, “Madden: The Movie.”

That’s right, kiddies, Wayne McClammy and Madden are back and they’re bigger than ever! Guns! Explosions! No dinosaurs! PSYCH!!!! THERE’S TOTALLY DINOSAURS!!! Last year’s “Madden Season” music video with Dave Franco and Kevin Hart received well over 30 million views in just a few weeks and this year’s movie trailer will top that in just a few minutes!* FastCoCreate already loves it and it’s only been up for an hour!

Watch it now before all the good bandwidth is gone!

*note: just a guesstimate based on statistics that we made up