Go See We Are Your Friends!…. Now!

Forget Noah Baumbach. Forget Tom Cruise. When you go to the movie theater this weekend there is one name you have to remember… Max Joseph!

… and… well… okay, I guess you should also remember the name of the movie in order to buy a ticket. So when you go to the movie theater this weekend there are two names you have to remember: Max Joseph and We Are Your Friends.

That’s right, Max’s debut feature film hits cinemas nation-wide today and we urge you all to go see it. Not just those budding DJ’s out there or the EDM lovers, but also anyone who enjoys a good story, some great directing, and those classic Max Joseph montage sequences (some of my favorite on earth).

And if all of that — ALL that Max has to offer — isn’t good enough then, ladies, you’ve got Zach Effron to look at for an hour and a half and, fellas, one unpronounceable word: Ratajkowski.

So please, everyone, step on out tonight and go see We Are Your Friends because it’s a great movie and, damn it, we love Max Joseph.