ADC’s Young Guns competition is one of the toughest, most elite competitions there is for young creatives. Indeed, to hear them tell it, ADC began as a means to “ensure that advertising was judged by the same stringent standards as fine art.” Every year ADC lists their top professionals under the age of 30 and this year Conor Byrne has made the list. Usually this alone would be an impressive feat but one must also take into consideration that Young Guns 13 is the smallest group of winners in the competition’s history, so not only has Conor won an illustrious prize but he has done so in the most exclusive year to date.

And right about here is where we would normally make a snarky or self-effacing joke to lighten the post but we’re too blown away by all of Conor’s achievements at such a young age. All we can do is look at his picture on the winners page and wonder… wonder why he can’t smile for a damn winner’s photograph.

Oh hey. Look at that. Joke achieved.

Well done, Conor!