See, this is why we love AdWeek. It’s not because they continuously pick us for their “Ad of the Day” spots though, don’t get me wrong, we really really like them for that, Carly Rae Jepsen style, but we LOVE them because they have absolutely no problem listing five of Hank Perlman’s Fox NFL ads as their “Ad of the Day.” They don’t stick to the rigid, Highlander-esque dogma of their forefathers where there can be only one. They say, “Hey, these guys made so many funny, creative, and handsome (see: dreamy Rob Lowe smile) commercials that we can’t choose just one so, screw it, here’s five.”

What we’re trying to say is, thank you, AdWeek. And we agree. We can’t choose a favorite Rob Lowe Fox NFL spot either. It’s like choosing your favorite child, or your favorite burger. I mean, I have a favorite burger, but if you put any burger in front of me I’ll eat it because all burgers are amazing.

I really should not write these posts on an empty stomach.