We all know that old Slovak saying, “If it’s in Deadline it’s gotta be true.” Hungry Man’s co-founder, Bryan Buckley, is going to make another movie!

Riding the white hot wave of heat emanating from his latest feature film, The Bronze, a film that burned down Sundance Film Festival’s opening night this year, Bryan is sailing right on into an adaptation of Jay Bahadur’s New York Times Best Seller, The Pirates of Somalia. To make this film Buckley will be returning to a world with which he is very familiar, war torn Somalia. As you may recall Bryan was previously nominated for an Academy Award for his short film Asad, a story about a young Somali boy caught between a world of violence and a desire for peace. Pirates of Somalia (re-titled for the sceen as Where The White Man Runs Away) tells the story of Canadian Journalist, Jay Bahadur, and that crazy idea he had in 2008 to travel to Somalia and report first hand accounts of what life is truly like there. Given Buckley’s ability to deftly balance tones of gentility and brutality we here at Hungry Man cannot wait to see what this film holds as he yet again portrays a part of the world that many locals call, “Where the white man runs away.”