It’s the most exciting time of the year for Major League Baseball fans! Game three of the 2015 World Series happens tomorrow night and fans the world ‘round get to watch the Royals and the Mets battle it out for American Past Time Supremacy. It’s also exciting for another group of fans, though. The MLB is the founding donor for Stand Up 2 Cancer who, together with Scott Vincent, recently shot a series of spots that highlight some of MLB’s biggest stars as well as children who have survived or are currently battling cancer. More than 163,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer each year worldwide and this is Major League Baseball’s chance to spread the word and get people thinking about, as well as donating to, the fight against cancer. The MLB itself has donated nearly $40 million towards cancer research to date and, though that is a very impressive sum, it isn’t nearly enough. So please kick back tomorrow, grab some snacks, and watch the game, but when Scotty’s SU2C spots roll at various times throughout the game, maybe hop on over to SU2C.org and toss a little coin their way. If you do, I guarantee you, regardless of the score of the game, everybody wins.