First thing’s first, we here at Hungry Man have to apologize to anybody who was watching any sporting event at all yesterday because you kids could not get away from Wayne McClammy. Whether it was older Geico spots like “Horror Movie” or newer ones like “Reunion”, our buddy Wayne was EVERYWHERE.

But no spot was more prevalent yesterday than his new Call of Duty “Seize Glory” trailer. You know the one. It’s the reason you had “Paint it Black” by the Stones stuck in your head all night. It premiered yesterday and is getting a hell of a response. AdWeek and Mashable are talking about it and it has received over 3 million views in less than 24 hours. Not a bad start. And if Wayne’s previous work with Call of Duty and 72 and Sunny is any indication, it’s only up from here.

Anyways, if y’all haven’t heard about Kevin yet, you definitely need to check out the spot.