Less than 48 hours after its debut, everybody’s talking about Wayne’s new Call of Duty spot. FastCoCreate calls the spot an “epic” ad that “celebrates the everyday badass.” Shots describes the trailer as an “all-out cavalcade of carnage.” Creativity Online says the spot… exists. And Gaming Target even goes so far as to shout out Wayne and the production team saying, “This is director Wayne McClammy’s fourth go-round with Call of Duty and has continued to up the ante with each installment. A majority of the live-action was shot practically, rather than with visual effects, to bring a heightened sense of grit and realism to the spot. Academy Award winning director of photography Deon Bebe teamed up with renowned stunt coordinator Darrin Prescott to lend a cinematic feel to each moment. The film was shot over five days in an abandoned mall in Southern California, as the natural decay and destruction gave the shoot a more authentic feel.” And then there’s the 6 million YouTube views in less than 2 days.

What I’m saying is, if you have not watched this trailer yet, do so.